Mithu and Me

I watched my mother-in-law, taking care of her pets.  She not only nursed and cared for them, she also protected them.  She had a dog, chicken (a small poultry) and a parrot, named Mithu.  While she walked around, she would talk to Mithu and feed her. Then, it was time to clean up Mithu's cage.  She took Mithu out of the cage, while she cleaned up the cage.  To my surprise, the bird did not fly away to freedom.  I asked my mother-in-law, why isn't she flying.  I was shocked to hear her reply,  "her wings have been clipped off".   A feeling of sadness overwhelmed me.   Somehow, I could relate myself with that bird.  I went to Mithu every day, would watch her inside her cage, she watched me too, quietly from her cage.  I wanted so much for her to fly and be truly happy. One fine morning, after my mother in law had left for the hospital, where she worked as a nurse, I went to Mithu again.  To my surprise, she wasn't there.  Her cage was not open.  Where w

Being United in Diversity

Our country is under the constant threat of being divided by religion, mainly, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, etc  We are a land of different cultures and religions and what binds us together is the common belief that there is a God and He is omnipotent.   We believe in prayer.  We have different ways of acknowledging the presence of God and His power.  Thus, it is the Fear of God that is the beginning of  wisdom and it is the knowledge of His presence that leads to Understanding.   So with this knowledge, we are all spiritual.  Let's not lose our spirituality.  As human beings, lets respect one another, care for the less fortunate, and above all, let's spread love and tolerance.  Let's not  be divided ! Let's be truly proud of being United in Diversity!

Beliefs, emotions and perceptions - Choices, dreams and goals?

Suddenly one day, I found myself all alone with three little kids,  It was a choice I had made. The only thing I knew was, I wanted to live.  The only thought that crossed my mind was, how was I going to survive, especially with my three children.  I was employed and that was my only door of hope. At that moment, I took a leap of faith,and set out into the strange world. That leap of faith did wonders! I continued living, not knowing how my belief was working for almost the past twenty five years!   God works in the most strangest ways! The most recent blessing, was when I  recently listened to all of the Brain-A-Thon Webinars conducted by NeuroGym, which is headed by Mr. John Assaraf. John Assaraf began with saying God has given us the best tool , which is our Brain.  As I listened to the webinars, I realized how we seem to take this gift for granted, as a result, we fail in achieving the potential each one of us have been blessed with. We need to m